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Featured Articles

Divine Labor

It is written in Torah about the Hebrew women in Egypt, "For they are like midwives, before the midwife comes to them, they have given birth." (Exodus 1:19)  Read More...

Bringing the Holy to the Whole Relationship

When we consider the effects of our dress and behavior on others, we develop a sensitivity to the nuances of the male-female dynamic, making our marital relationship all the more powerful and holy. Read More...

Your Mother Or Your Wife

My mother wants one thing, my wife wants another! How do I choose!? Read More...

The Mikvah Lady Rules

The mikvah lady rules. For thousands of years, women like Janice Fellner have guided Jewish women through the monthly purification ritual God called for in the Book of Leviticus. Read More...

Myths About Mikvah

The truth is: Any woman who practices the laws of mikvah knows that it is an ELEVATING experience. Read More...