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Featured Articles

Ladies First

Even in this day and age, most women graciously accept the traditional "ladies first" rule, whether it's getting off a sinking ship or going through a ballroom doorway.  Read More...

Divine Labor

It is written in Torah about the Hebrew women in Egypt, "For they are like midwives, before the midwife comes to them, they have given birth." (Exodus 1:19)  Read More...


Mama, she tests the word gingerly on her lips, Touches her tummy tenderly, with her fingertips. As she feels that first flutter just beneath her heart, Read More...

Full Circle

The mikvah is a beautiful place, filled with spirituality. It represents the chain of generations of Jewish women of which we become another link. Read More...

Lifesource: Sholom Bayis The Lifesource of a Jewish Relationship

A relationship, whether with a good friend, a sibling, a parent or especially a spouse, is alive only as long as life is breathed into it.  Read More...