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Featured Articles

Kindness Is A Miracle Cure

If you are, or have ever been, in a marriage or committed relationship you also know this to be true. When two people are kind to each other, there is no stopping the growth of closeness, friendship and intimacy. Read More...

Mountain Mikvah

Mikvah is an exquisite art. Not only can the mikvah bring a person to the final step towards becoming a part of Klal Israel, following a lengthy process and the directives of the Beis Din of course, but it also allowed me to be reborn. Read More...

A World of Good

A gentle, new soul flitted to earth one day. She traveled all around then began to pray, “Hashem please help me, what shall be? There is so much evil - it is all I can see. Read More...

Why Mikvah?

Why did the Jews at Masada, besieged by the Romans and with precious, few supplies, build and maintain two Mikvaos? Read More...

A Jewish Education Begins at Birth

Visual images have great impact on man's mind: What one sees can leave lasting impressions for good or bad.[1] Viewing sacred objects or images has positive benefits;[2] pictures of impure animals harm[3] the mind and soul. Read More...