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Featured Articles

So You Want To Be A Nice Person?

How can we bring love, respect and devotion to our relationships? It's easy. You already know how deeply to need to be loved and how profoundly you want to be recognized. Now take that information and apply it to your relationships. Read More...

Jewish Perspectives on the Birthing Experience

A labor and delivery nurse concludes her report of a newly-delivered primigravida with the following comments: "I have some real concerns... Read More...

Why Is Torah Law So Restrictive of Contact Between the Sexes?

I understand that Torah law forbids all physical contact between a man and a woman -- or even for them to be alone in a room together -- unless they are first-degree relatives or married to each other.  Read More...

The Jewish Woman - A Torah View

While I was growing up in the suburbs of America, I never actually knew any Orthodox people, but somehow, I “knew” all about them. A friend, while driving past the home of one of the few observant families in our town, once authoritatively commented that Orthodox people are “dirty and unkempt.” Read More...