About Us

Mikvah.org is a division of Machne Israel.

Mikvah.org is the resource created to educate, inspire and enlighten; revealing the secret to the success of the Jewish Home. Observance of Mikvah brings G-d into the marriage, elevating the physical to the sublime.

Mikvah.org is dedicated to bringing awareness and a deeper understanding of Mikvah to women worldwide via the internet by using state of the art technology to serve the world-wide Jewish community.

Mikvah.org is focused on ensuring Jewish continuity by strengthening and preserving the observance of Family Sanctity and making Mikvah a household word.

Mikvah.org is the place to explore the many facets of Mikvah, Family Sanctity and many aspects of the Jewish Family from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Search our Mikvah Directory for a Mikvah around the globe, enjoy photos in our Mikvah Photo Gallery, check out our growing Referrals listing and peruse our Mikvah Mall for items that will enhance your Mikvah experience. Explore our comprehensive array of Media content, classes that address the Jewish wedding, pregnancy and childbirth, to child rearing and more; for the novice to the expert, our wide range of stories, essays and articles will inform and inspire on every level.