Beyond the Wedding

So you think you learned everything in Kallah Class?

Beyond Kallah Class takes over once you have packed away your wedding dress and started cooking suppers. Kallah Classes were just the beginning, they got you to the chupah. It is time to continue your education and expand your knowledge.

Enjoy classes on halacha, marriage, relationships, hadracha/hashkafa, sholom bayis, psychology and more.

Esther Piekarski - 1st Shvat 5780

Rabbi Shais Taub

Hear Mrs. Sara Morozow speak about the five gateways of tznius and how they can lead to a sacred and satisfying intimate relationship. Hear a whole new perspective on tznius and how it affects your relationships and your life. If you think you know all there is to know about tznius, think again! Enjoy this entirely new take on something you thought you knew everything about.

By Esther Piekarski

The special time each month, when you step back physically, is a wonderful gift that can be used as an opportunity to improve your relationship, your character and your life.

Chana Epstein relies on decades of experience as an M.R.S., a degree which she believes is harder to "maintain" than obtain. Her approach is warm and realistic as she shares her concepts in a very personal way. Mrs. Epstein received a bracha from the Rebbe to share her knowledge, and she focuses on helping people create the relationship that is best for them. Her talks are interactive and she encourages her listeners to correspond with her at, both with their questions as well as suggestions for future talks. She also does phone consultations as needed. is both honored and pleased to have her be part of Beyond Kallah Class.

Part I

Part II

Does it sometimes feel as if you and your spouse are speaking different languages? We all feel and "hear" things in our own way. Learn to recognize the different languages of love and how to improve every relationship in your life that you care about.

A event, featuring: 1. Mrs. Bassie Deitsch talking about "Finding Meaning in the Basics"
2. Mrs. Laura Meloncoff on the Cello
3. Mrs. Miriam Sher on the drums
4. soloist Golda Malka Orenstein
5. Mrs. Vivi Deren on "What We Do - Why We Do It"

Please note that this video is for women only due to kol Isha (at :40 to :52 minutes)