Dignity Beyond Death
$25.00 $16.50

Dignity Beyond Death, by Rachel U. Berman discusses the basic tenet of Judaism of the obligation to value and serve the deceased, to extend dignity beyond death. In Judaism, a death is the affair of the entire community. Preparation of the dead for burial is undertaken by a community organization called the Chevra Kadisha, the Sacred Society. The volunteers of the Sacred Society quietly and pri...

Girl Meets God the Gift of Being A Jewish Woman
$21.95 $18.00

Glistening with the colors of her evolving religious life (as a ba’alat teshuva) with warmth, humor and the sixth sense elicited from an evolving awareness, Joannie Tansky creates an absorbing read for anyone interested in the power of faith and the possibilities that open up to a woman in search of her spiritual self.

Her vignettes span more than seventeen years of experiences embracin...

My Spiritual Journey
$19.00 $15.00

My Spiritual Journey is an autobiography written by Rabbi Dr. Abraham B. Hecht, a third generation American, born into a religious family rich in traditions and Chassidic customs.

His 50 years of rabbinical leadership begins in Brooklyn, New York. His religious journeys span Europe, Israel, Australia, England and Switzerland as well as almost every place you may find Jews. This book ...

Say It With A Story II
$9.95 $7.00

Say It With A Story II puts the powerful impact of the story at your fingertips. This volume contains a new compilation  of inspiring and heart-warming stories and anecdotes brought together in a dynamic format by well know educator and speaker, Susha Alperowitz. Share them with your audiences, for nothing touches the soul as a story well told. Paperback. 104 pages.


Stories To Hear With Your Heart
$19.99 $19.95

Stories To Hear With Your Heart, by Sarah Karmely is a second journal of Jewish inspiration for your marriage, your soul and your life by the internationally renowned speaker who for over 20 years, has touched the hearts and lives of thousands of Jewish singles and couples. Her heartfelt, motivational talks on love and relationships and her expertise and sensitivity in family-values counseling,...

Total Immersion

Total Immersion, edited by Rivkah Slonim is a Mikvah Anthology. A collection of thought provoking personal essays by women. Full of insights and information, this book contributes to our understanding of mikvah. Softcover.

You Are Not Alone
$22.99 $21.95

You Are Not Alone, by Esther Gross. With her practical intelligence and warm human understanding, Esther Gross has been very successful in helping people improve the quality of their lives. Wrought with care and commitment, this enlightening book is rich with the author's graceful prose. In a personal and readable way it conveys valuable insights and helpful techniques that will empower you to...