Mikvah Attendant Training

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A Privilege and a Responsibility:
Mikvah Attendant Training Course

A 5 part course to empower attendants to fulfill their role with professionalism, sensitivity and Halachic accuracy.

Course includes Rabbonim, veteran attendants, mikvah operators and Medical & Mental Health professionals. 

Course Outline:

  1.  Role of the Mikvah attendant - a panel presentation with veteren attendants
  2.  Laws of Chafifa, Chatzitza, Tevilah and Mikvah Construction: What the mikvah attendant needs to know 
  3.  Health and Medical Resources Part 1 
  4.  Health and Medical Resources Part 2 
  5.  Inspiration & Mikvah Operations

$99 for 5 2-hr recordings
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Discounts available for multiple attendants from a single Mikvah - simply add multiple registrations to your cart and register in one transaction.  You may email crivkin@mikvah.org with your payment receipt and the names/emails of the attendants to be included with your registration.

$180 bronze sponsor will include registration for 2 attendants
$360 silver sponsor will include registration for 5 attendants
$500 gold sponsor will include registration for 10 attendants
$1000 diamond patron will include registration for all the attendants of your Mikvah

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