The Homework Hassle

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Parenting Series, Vol III, by Atara Malach. These lectures are alive and brimming with ideas, practical tips,
analysis and encouragement. They are enlightening, entertaining and
overflowing with real-life, proven, easy to apply methods, guaranteed to
enhance every Jewish marriage!

Join the thousands of people who have benefited from these comprehensive
and uplifting lectures.

Atarah Malach is a creative and dynamic speaker on a whide range of
important topics. She was raised in a Chassidic family and was educated
in some of the finest Torah institutions.

Mrs. Malach is a psychotherapist in private practice, a professional
workshop lecturer, the author of "You Owe It To Yourself: Effective Keys
to a Happier Marriage" and is endorsed by prominent Rabbanim.

Atara Malach infuses her lectures with a wealth of experience from
counseling and lecturing throughout Israel, Europe and the United
States. She offers a unique blend of up=to-date psychological insights,
creative ideas and real-life examples. For over 20 years she has
enlightened and inspired audiences with messages that sparkle with Torah
hashkafa and the wisdom of our Sages. CD