B'Shaah Tova
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B'Shaah Tova is written by Rabbi Baruch Finkelstein and Michal Finkelstein, R.N., a husband and wife team, of a rabbi and registered nurse/midwife, who have combined their individual expertise and talents to create a highly professional, comprehensive and exceedingly practical handbook. Answering a realm of questions in an original blend of clinical and halachic information that speaks to yo...

Delivery From Darkness
$19.99 $19.00

Delivery from Darkness by Rabbi Baruch Finkelstein and Michal Finkelstein, RN CNM address the eighty percent of women who suffer emotional distress after childbirth; with this book, relief is on the way. This comprehensive, sensitively written, and Torah-true guide addresses postpartum depression from every angle and is designed to help prevent, detect, and treat postpartum depression. A clinic...

Expecting Miracles
$28.00 $18.25

Expecting Miracles, by Chana Weisberg is a collection of refreshingly honest and inspiring interviews with traditionally observant Jewish mothers about their diverse experiences of pregnancy and childbearing... Have you every asked yourself what Judaism can teach you about pregnancy? Leading Jewish women scholars, including Rabbaniot Chana Henkin, Tziporah Heller and Emunah Witt, offer illum...

Infertility in the Bible

Infertility in the Bible by Jesse Fischbein. According to the Torah, three of the Matriarchs: Sarah, Rebecca, and Rachel were barren, yet they gave birth to the founders of the Jewish religion. The author reveals the Matriarchs' struggle to overcome the seemingly insurmountable obstacle of infertility, and their success through both prayer and deed. Using their experiences as a starting poi...

The Child I Never Knew
$14.99 $6.00

The Child I Never Knew is an anthology on pregnancy loss and/or loss of a child to aid couples in coping with their emotions and feelings at this trying time and begin the road to recovery. A project of Taharas Hamishpacha International. Paperback.