BShaah Tova

BShaah Tova
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By: Feldheim Publishers
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B'Shaah Tova is written by Rabbi Baruch Finkelstein and Michal Finkelstein, R.N., a husband and wife team, of a rabbi and registered nurse/midwife, who have combined their individual expertise and talents to create a highly professional, comprehensive and exceedingly practical handbook. Answering a realm of questions in an original blend of clinical and halachic information that speaks to you - the Jewish mother. Taking into account your unique Jewish lifestyle, this book explains every step of this nine-month odyssey, from conception through pregnancy to labor and delivery and into the early stages of child care. This book will prepare you for the most significant and joyful experience of your life - bringing a child into the world. Informative, authoritative and highly readable, B'Sha'ah Tovah will enable every woman to be more aware and actively involved in her prenancy and delivery. The essential Halachos have been incorporated wherever pertinent and relevant, thought-provoking. Hardcover
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