Countdown to the Seder: Personal Pesach Planner

Countdown to the Seder: Personal Pesach Planner, is an easy-to-follow guide to preparing ourselves, our homes and our families for a rich, authentic Seder celebration. Know what to do every step of the way in your Pesach preparation – replete with 25 charts, from Kitchen Inventory List to Alphabetical Cleaning Guide and Seder Food Measurements. Benefit from advice and tips collected from gener...

Dignity Beyond Death
$25.00 $16.50

Dignity Beyond Death, by Rachel U. Berman discusses the basic tenet of Judaism of the obligation to value and serve the deceased, to extend dignity beyond death. In Judaism, a death is the affair of the entire community. Preparation of the dead for burial is undertaken by a community organization called the Chevra Kadisha, the Sacred Society. The volunteers of the Sacred Society quietly and pri...

Made in Heaven: A Jewish Wedding Guide
$22.00 $19.95

Made In Heaven A Jewish Wedding Guide, By Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan. The author describes and explains the laws and customs of the wedding ceremony, and offers practical advice and suggestions for the preparations and the arrangement of a wedding. Hardcover.

Nine to Five
$9.00 $1.50

Nine to Five is essential reading for all G-d fearing employers, employees and anyone contemplating entering the workforce. While it is important to provide an individual with marketable skills to earn a livelihood, it is even more essential that he be educated in the laws of modesty that were granted to us in order to preserve the sanctity of the Jewish people.


Oceans Apart
$18.95 $17.00

Oceans Apart by Rochel U. Berman, will help you understand and enhance your long distance family
relationships. Discover how to maintain close, loving ties with family
members who live far away, keep in touch between visits, manage tension
from afar and during a visit, bridge the gap between you and your
long-distance siblings, nieces and nephews, use technology effectiv...

Ohr Habayis (Hebrew) 2 Volume Set

Ohr Habayis (Hebrew) 2 Volume set edited by Rabbi Ze'ev Ritterman contains letters and stories by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, OBM, regarding peaceful relations between husband and wife, and describing the original Jewish life-style. Hebrew. Hardcover 

Pardes Rimonim
$25.00 $14.95

Pardes Rimonim, by Rabbi Dr. Moshe Tendler. This short volume is a marriage manual for the Jewish family. It discusses such topics as Niddah laws, a husband's role in natural childbirth in accordance with halacha, infant care on Shabbos and Yom Tov, the Jewish view on population control, ethical implications of the drug culture, etc. The author is the Rosh Yeshivah and Professor of Biology at Y...

Successful Relationships At Home, At Work and With Friends
$25.99 $22.75

Successful Relationships, At Home, At Work and With Friends, by Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, M.D. Often the greatest challenges in our relationships with others center on control. Using the Torah wisdom of his heritage and the remarkable insight of his profession, Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, M.D. once again enlightens us on key issues that confront us every day. The need to control others is inst...

The Jewish Home as illuminated by Kabbalah and Chassidus
$23.95 $23.50

We spend a great part of our lives building a Jewish home. Our dearest wish is to interact with our spouses in a Jewish manner and to provide our children with a warm and supportive ambiance in which they can blossom and flourish.Th Jewish Home offers a unique appreciation of the mystical and chassidic meaning of sharing our lives with our spouses, and building a home that stands on the firm fo...

The Wonder of Becoming You

The Wonder of Becoming You, by Dr. Miriam Grossman. A beautifully written book directed to the young Jewish girl. Clearly and simply, it explains how her body is changing, how these changes are part of G-d\'s plans for her future, and how Jewish tradition views related matters, such as modesty. Hardcover.

You Are Not Alone
$22.99 $21.95

You Are Not Alone, by Esther Gross. With her practical intelligence and warm human understanding, Esther Gross has been very successful in helping people improve the quality of their lives. Wrought with care and commitment, this enlightening book is rich with the author's graceful prose. In a personal and readable way it conveys valuable insights and helpful techniques that will empower you to...