Are You Mine?

Are You Mine?



You are mine
You little heart that beats
Inside of me.
My little one
My special secret
My little life
My neshama
My tzaddik
My potential prodigy
You are mine
A gift
Wrapped from Hashem
Packaged in me
I feel it in my soul
But then your little heart
My little heart
He wished it so
You returned to Him
Precious and Pure
Unstained and Unsullied
By the ink of this world
My little one
You were
Can you just leave me
A deep aching chasm
In the valley of my heart?
My precious neshama
Go to Hashem near the Kisei Hakoved
Where you;
Unstained and unsullied
By the ink and filth and dirt
Of this world
Most certainly are
Beg Him
Plead with Him
We should know no more pain
For now,
Hashem has taught me
Kol zeman shehaneshama bekirbi

Modeh ani lefanecha

For life is not mine
It is His

Neshama: soul

Tzaddik: Righteous person

Kisei Hakavod: G-d's Throne of Glory

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