Comments From The Brides

Comments From The Brides

"This was a very enlightening experience. It was a sacred moment for me that I will cherish. I fel like my blessings were truly heard tonight and for that I am thankful!..." Dara 

"What a spiritually uplifting moment in my life! My first experience at the Mikvah felt so 'natural'. I now feel ready to stand under the chupah and enter my new life as a married woman. With much gratitude and love to Hashem..." Rony

"...This was a beautiful, spiritual and moving experience. I encourage every Jewish bride to participate in the Mikvah preparations and then immersing in the Mikvah. You need to do it yourself to experience this feeling. Thank you! This has made my wedding preparations that much more meaningful..." Michelle

"...What a wonderful way to begin my new life. I thought I was going to the Four Seasons AFTER the wedding - it looks like I got an early start! Wow! it is beautiful! Thank you!" Tammy

"What a new and wonderful experience! It was so beautiful and peaceful. So memorable..." Naomi

"I came to the Mikvah tonight and it wasn't scary! Don't be nervous! I had a great time and it was so special! Thank you!" Melita

"This moment will stay with me long after the wedding ceremony is over and the band has gone home. This is what it means to be a Jewish bride..." Dani

"This was a wonderful, peaceful experience. I will remember my first time in the Mikvah always. It was so meaningful to come on the evening before my wedding..." Michelle

"This was an unforgettable experience! This will be an experience that I will remember forever! It made me feel like a real Jewish bride." Simone

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