God The Romantic

God The Romantic

G-D The Romantic


As human beings, we are aware of the turmoil that finds its way into the world on a daily basis. We hear of solutions to the chaos that affects humanity on a worldwide level, but so often struggle to bring calm, stability, and peace to our own internal turmoil. 

There are various groups out there who claim to have perfect ideas on how to reach our core, expose it, open us up to our inner self, and solve all of our lifelong dilemmas. "If you do this four times per day, you will be fixed; eat this, or think that twelve times an hour and you will be saved; travel here to this guru, or that god, and everything will start making sense." They make money, and/or gain power by convincing us that they can liberate us; assuring us that they can be our modern savior.

It just doesn't fly.

At the end of the Torah portion, Vayakhel, we read "He made the copper washing urn and its copper stand from the mirrors of the women multitudes, who gathered at the tent of meeting." Rashi explains "the women of Israel possessed mirrors in which they would look when they adorned themselves, and even these they did not withhold from bringing as contributions for the Dwelling. Moses at first rejected them because they are used for arousing the evil inclination. The Holy One, Source of Blessing, said to him: Accept them, for they are more precious to Me than everything else, since through them, the women produced many multitudes in Egypt." Hashem cherished the fact that the women beautified themselves, creating healthy romance with their husbands, resulting in these loving couples having large families.

G-d is an unabashed romantic.

I am sharing this moving part of our history, because I think it reflects Hashem's view on life itself: G-d doesn't want us to suppress our "mirrors", our physical and material well being. Rather He wants us to enjoy and better those material things, on His terms. 

He tells us how to transform the mundane into the holy. Torah is a road map for inner peace, assisting soul-searching Jews and gentiles, alike, find structured meaning in their every day lives. In the Torah we find G-d's outlook on finances, romance, raising children, interpersonal relationships and everything else; a wisdom that brings joy and light to our families and into our homes. Add to that a healthy dose of Chassidus , Jewish mysticism, and you will learn how to address your soul's emotions; sadness, hopelessness, anger, apathy, even old wounds, all are curable. If you climb the ladder of life with G-d's assistance, chances are high you won't fall.

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