Increasing Work and Family Harmony

Increasing Work and Family Harmony

Tips To Increase Work And Family Harmony


1. Be mindful. Don't be a "feather in the wind" and let life just carry you away. Be conscious and aware of your choices. Make a list or a schedule of what your priorities are and set them as goals. Discuss with your partner what should be the goals for your family. As well, you will also have personal goals. Together they form a map to guide you as you move forward day-by-day.

2. Share responsibility. Keeping your home functioning well and raising your children requires much work. And this work needs to be divided in a "smart way." Make a list of everything that needs to get done, and together with your partner, divide the responsibilities. If one of you is better with the finances, let him manage the money. If one of you is better with the decorum in the home, let her be in charge of this. Nothing needs to be gender specific, rather the selected and agreed-upon tasks should be done by the person that is most comfortable and capable in doing it.

3. Have clear home and work boundaries. Nowadays, many people are able to work from home. This causes a blurring of the boundaries between home and work. Thus, it is necessary to carefully monitor time at home and work to make sure they are being dedicated to the tasks that actually reflect the goals as described in the 1st tip. You need to be flexible, and sometimes modify your schedule. However, at the same time you need to be disciplined and know when to switch one activity off and another activity on.

4. Make a global reality check. Work is for the benefit of your family. You work hard to improve your home and family including each and every member, including yourself. Naturally, it is easy for you to assess your own personal situation if something is working or not. It is more difficult to know how your efforts are impacting on others. It is necessary to occasionally check with each family members, or at least spend some time thinking about them, and considering whether or not your efforts are bearing dividends that benefit everyone.

5. Plan. Plan. From time to time, it is important to reassess your situation. In light of the goals you have set, has there been progress? If no, how come, and what can be done to rectify the problem. If yes, is it time for a new goal or do you want to continue along the same path. Reflect on your personal goals as well as your family goals. Discuss all of this with your partner. It is a good opportunity to improve the functioning in your home as well is bring the two of you closer together.

Spending a few minutes occasionally reflecting on your needs and the needs of your family can reap profound benefits. It is similar to taking a long journey. Spending a few moments to plan your route can avoid mistakes and wasted resources. The same is planning how to harmoniously balance your work and family life. When everything you do is dedicated to creating a quality life for everyone in your family, including yourself, happiness, peace and harmony will be the norm.

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