Mama, she tests the word gingerly on her lips,
Touches her tummy tenderly, with her fingertips.
As she feels that first flutter, just beneath her heart,
A new life grows inside of her – separate and apart.

“I am Mama”, she whispers softly in a voice filled with love,
To the newborn babe she cherishes, a gift from Above.
“I am here to love you, nurture you, guide you on your way,
Protect you from all I can as you live from day to day.”

The babe grows so quickly, Mama cares for her each day,
From toddler to school child, she now begins to find her way.
The years find her blossoming into a young woman of her own,
Certain she knows all there is to know, now that she is grown.

Swiftly comes the day when Mama sees her become a wife
Together with her chosson they will build a brand new life.
The babe becomes a Mama, calling on Mama to be her guide,
So grateful to have her Mama, there’s much to learn and decide.

The Mama becomes the Bobie, with more kisses and hugs to give
More wonderful souls to love, more joy with which to live.
Mama please know, no matter how old we grow to be
We need you and your loving heart, the goodness you let us see.

The love you give unconditionally, knowing how much you care,
Lets us get on with our daily lives, a safety net for all we dare.
May Hashem give you many beautiful years, filled with strength and health,
May gladness always fill your heart, may true nachas be your wealth.

Know that we always need you every moment, each day and each year,
No matter how far away we may be, in our hearts you are always near.
We love you Mama, Bobie, Big Bobie and any other hats you may wear,
That will never cease to be as long as our lungs breathe and need the air.

We love you!

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