Each day holds a miracle, possibly two or even three,
They touch us in many ways we may not always see.
Miracles come in every size, some may seem quite  small,
Sometimes it is challenging to see the value of them all.

The sun that shines so vibrantly upon a child’s golden hair,
The fragrance of the fresh-cut grass that fills the very air.
The chirping of the soaring birds as they fly about their day,
The vivid hues and perfumed scents, of flowers along the way.

Joyous laughter that bubbles forth from deep inside the heart,
Cherished moments with loved ones, be they near or far apart.
The warmth of a child’s hand nestled trustingly in your own,
Childhood is so fleeting, in mere moments they are grown.

Crusty bread fresh from the oven, soup simmering on the fire,
A meal to share with family makes each day’s stress, less dire.
A trusted friend who listens to dreams you treasure and hold dear,
Rejoices in your triumphs and gives you courage in your fear.

The miracles of our history have been told throughout our days,
They were extraordinary and remarkable in so very many ways.
A burning bush, a splitting sea and manna falling from the sky,
Small drops of pure oil burning steadily, no clear reason why.

The miracles we encounter as we go about our daily lives,
All so great and wonderful, if seen through wise, clear eyes.
Each miracle is a treasure, a wondrous gift from the One Above,
Easy to take for granted, always given with so much love.

Thank you Hashem for Your bounty, the generosity You display,
Please continue to smile upon us, please hear the words we pray.
Send Moshiach NOW, another miracle for the world to behold,
Fill our lives with NEW miracles that are big and brash and bold.

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