My Safe Waters

My Safe Waters I went to the Mikvah for the first time 18 months ago as a bride and since then I have truly appreciated my monthly immersion as it renews and reignites that excitement from the first time I went. The Mikvah gives me time to really reflect on myself, my relationship with my husband and Hashem. Through the physical preparation, I not only feel spoiled but that my body becomes a spiritual vessel through which I transcend from the outside, often chaotic, world I live in back to the essence of life and love. Having a long bath, getting into a warm gown and saying prayers before immersion centers my soul, calms my mind and reconnects me again to my marriage and spirituality. The prayers to Hashem to have a worthy union with love, peace and friendship, within the Jewish tradition, after the Mikvah ripple through into my home and marriage. My association of the waters of the Mikvah represents the warmth and safety of a mother’s womb and the opportunity for new life. The Mikvah is something I always look forward to and hope others are able to appreciate and enjoy the experience as much as I do.

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