Never Too Late To Calculate

Never Too Late To Calculate

Never Too Late To Calculate


A friend of mine called me a little while back. She was married just over a year and mentioned that she had not yet been blessed with a pregnancy. I knew that she was keeping Taharas Hamishpacha, but decided to mention the calendar as I was not sure if she was keeping one. I explained to her that increasing in the meticulous observance of Taharas Hamishpacha was a sure way of meriting Hashems blessing in our life, especially the blessing of healthy children.

To be honest, I hesitated in giving this suggestion, I was not sure if it would interest her. I mentioned that there was now an unbelievably easy tool available on to help record the dates, and we left it at that. She did not call me back for several months and I had no clue if she took my suggestion.

Six months later she called me back to tell me that she was five months pregnant. I was most elated to hear the joyous news, but it was what she told me next that really excited me. She told me that she did sign up to and noticed that her mikvah date was recorded one day late. She spoke to somebody about this, and it was clarified that she had been going to the mikvah one day early for an entire year!  On that very first month that she used the Mikvah on the correct day, she became pregnant!

I pointed out to her that she had a tremendous merit that Hashem had protected her from conceiving a child out of Tahara.  Thank you for safekeeping this beautiful Mitzva. As you can see, your site not only helps people to add in the Mitzva of Taharas Hamishpacha, but it ensures that even the most basic details are clarified for every woman.

We should only hear Simchos!

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