Raising Eco Conscious Children

Raising Eco Conscious Children

Life has so many blessings; what's often missing is our mindfulness, taking pause to recognize and appreciate them.

Our planet is one of those blessings. Our environment, the majesty of nature, is an incredible gift.

But it's more than a gift; it's a responsibility. We are called to be 'partners in creation' by doing our part to protect, improve and meaningfully utilize our world and its resources.

Ancient as it is, this mindset is rapidly [re]gaining currency. Eco-friendliness is widely accepted as the responsible mindset. Every day, more people begin to appreciate a world beyond their respective driveways, recognizing that we each have a role as stewards of our world.

But, sometimes adopting this lifestyle is quite challenging. It is not easy to let go of long-standing habits, our default positions. It takes a lot of effort to reconstruct our perspectives.

And that's the critical point. When we "educate a child when he is young; even when he grows old he will not depart from it," taught King Solomon. It is the lessons and practices of our youth that become ingrained as the habits in our adult lives. So, by inspiring our children to feel a genuine, palpable relationship with nature, we are shaping this future-adult's perspective from the bottom-up.

Children are eager learners. By creating nature-friendly environments for our children, with loving role models who embrace the larger world with care and sensitivity, we foster a positive and constructive relationship with nature.

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