I sit at the table, surrounded by all,
The silver candlesticks stand so shiny and tall.
Father lifts his silver cup, high in his hand,
He looks round at us all, and together we stand.
Kiddush he sings, in a voice deep and sure,
Thanking Hashem for Shabbos, so holy and pure.

I look round the table, the cloth snowy and white,
The Shabbos candles burning, their flames very bright.
The challahs warm, crusty and braided with care,
Beneath velvet covers, their fragrance fills the air.
The china and glasses gleam at each place,
Each setting arranged with soft napkins of lace.

Slices of carrots adorn each piece of fish,
Resting so tastefully on each lovely dish.
Crystal bowls filled with salads, scattered all round,
Reds, yellows and greens, the colors abound.
This will be followed by a meal so divine,
Hot, golden chicken soup and noodles so fine.
Platters of chickens, potatoes and meat,
Kugels and knishes, some spicy, some sweet.

Our family together, how special is this,
No work, no appointments, no meetings to miss.
Just enjoy the Shabbos, the family, the food,
What a gift from Hashem, it truly is good.
While all of the world races and chases its tail,
We can enjoy this time, each week without fail.
Good Shabbos to each of you, to everyone,
Working hard all week, makes Shabbos twice the fun!

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