My family is my Home, an everlasting edifice,
Built on a strong foundation of Torah and Chassidus.
A Jewish Home is special, catching Light from Up Above,
Spreading it through Mitzvos, sharing Hashem’s deepest Love.

My love is like the Sunshine, whose rays are strong and bright.
They nurture and they comfort, revealing Hashem’s Light.
My children are the Windows that let my love shine through
To strengthen our eternal bond and pride to be a Jew.

Every child is allotted a portion of my heart,
Yet each new baby takes not, from its sibling’s part.
A window does not steal the sun, but lets in even more.
Each window that is added makes it brighter than before.

A Home with many Windows shows the beauty of Hashem,
How His Light supports the family like a precious, timeless gem.
A Home can also shine with Light with one Window or two.
As long as nothing blocks the Sun, Hashem’s Light will still shine through.

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