Teach a Child

Teach a Child

Hashem created this world for His children, for you and for me,
See the splendor in His creation, from sea to shimmering sea.
The smallest pebble upon the ground; the highest snow-capped peak,
The tiny insect’s fluttering wings, the hawk so swift and sleek.

The delicate petals of a wildflower; the mighty oak so tall,
The trickle of an ambling brook, the thundering water fall.
The soft whisper of summer’s breeze, the roar of hurricanes,
Gentle raindrops on the leaves, hail battering windowpanes.

Take a child by the hand; show him this majestic world so vast,
Teach him the beauty of his life, values profound enough to last.
Fill his heart with an ardent love, of Hashem and his fellow Jew,
Let him learn deeply of the Torah and the mitzvos that he can do.

Show him how a friendly smile, can touch another’s soul,
A simple act of kindness, can make a heart once broken, whole.
Let him know the significance of each mitzvah done with love,
They can only bring abundant blessings, from the one Above.

As he grows from strength to strength, becomes a father on his own,
He’ll teach his children well, the Torah and mitzvos he was shown.
The world will fill with holy light and Hashem’s glory will abound,
Our Beis Hamikdosh will be built, we shall stand on holy ground.

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