The Power of Mikvah

The Power of Mikvah

What is as holy as Yom Kippur, as powerful as prayer, and the secret of a spiritually dynamic marriage?


You may not believe it, but the answer is THE MIKVAH. Mikvah is the traditional Jewish observance guiding the intimate relationship between husband and wife.

Did you know that according to Jewish Law, building a Mikvah takes precedence over building a synagogue? What makes Mikvah and its laws so powerful?

Because of its private nature, many are not aware that the Mitzvah of Mikvah is as holy as fasting on Yom Kippur!  

Through the Torah, G-d has given us the unique ability to sanctify human nature and desires, conveying a greater purpose to human existence.  In Judaism, G-d’s presence is felt in all areas of our everyday lives. What we eat becomes holy when we commit to the laws of Kashrut.  What we earn becomes meaningful when we give a portion to Tzedakah - charity.  Likewise, what we do in our most loving and intimate moments creates a powerful spiritual bond between husband and wife when a couple commits to upholding the Laws of Family Life and Mikvah. 

 It may come as a surprise that in Judaism, cultivating love and passion between husband and wife is one of the most fundamental Mitzvot — connecting to our Creator while connecting with each other. 


Sanctity and Spirituality 


The Mitzvah of Family Sanctity is based on each woman’s individual cycle. At the time of month when a woman expects her period, she and her husband put their physical relationship on pause. It’s a time when they can connect on a different level, rekindling the friendship and the feelings they have for each other.

At the conclusion of her period, the woman begins to count an additional week, leading up to her immersion in the Mikvah and the couple’s intimate reunion. This counting process follows specific guidelines that a Mikvah educator can provide.

The Mikvah is a clean, warm pool of water in very pleasant, private surroundings. A kosher Mikvah is constructed and maintained according to rigorous standards of Jewish Law. Following this total immersion, it is a Mitzvah for the couple to resume their intimate marital relationship in holiness and love.



Women Share


"I was married for 17 years. We were okay, but since discovering the Mikvah I feel a new awareness of my husband's presence every time he enters the room."

"The Mikvah taught me that in Judaism, my body and physical relationships are blessings and important to G-d."

“The… attendant was so sensitive and gentle. It was the most beautiful spiritual experience of my entire life.”

“I felt like Judaism really belonged to me after all."

“The more I heard [about Mikvah], the more I was intrigued… When I went before my wedding, it was so beautiful I didn’t want to leave.”

“I thought I missed my opportunity as I was already past menopause, but I was so grateful to learn I still had a chance to go to the Mikvah and bring holiness into my marriage.”


Reach Out


The Mikvah is not only for brides, but for every married Jewish woman. It is never too late to embrace this beautiful mitzvah! For a private consultation to learn how to prepare for your Mikvah experience, please contact your local Mikvah at

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