This One Time

This One Time

My name is Masha. I am 58 years old, and I live in Cape Town, South Africa.

I was raised in a staunchly Zionistic home but my religious education was sadly lacking. There was, unfortunately, no Jewish school in my small town in the country and no Rebbetzin to give young girls, like myself, any guidance or instruction.
I was married in an Orthodox shul in Connecticut, 37 years ago, but no mention was ever made by the Rabbi on the subject of Family Purity, and his wife who may have brought it up, was never introduced to us.
It wasn’t until some time later under the encouragement of two wonderful Rebbetzins, that I was finally exposed to the issue of Family Purity. Unfortunately, by then, I was already in the early stage of menopause.

My ever challenging Rebbetzin, Nicole Green, encouraged me as well as several other ladies of our community. Our group grew to eight women, most of whom had also felt cheated by their lack of exposure and
opportunity to take part in this beautiful mitzvah. We all committed to complete a month’s' course of study on the Laws of Taharat Hamishpacha. The lectures were intense and very informative.

Rebbetzin Green took this project very seriously. She prayed to Hashem before each lesson for the wisdom to impart the knowledge correctly to us and asked that we be receptive to all she had to teach. She lent us informative material which highlighted many important aspects of this wonderful mitzvah and helped us prepare mentally for this very spiritual, yet physical mitzvah.
Thankfully, my husband was very supportive and helped me feel very special during the time of separation. This space would lead us to the
finish line and would revert a process that, through circumstance,
had not been possible before. 

The experience of my immersion in the mikvah was exceptional and very emotional. I felt a deep sense of being connected to Jewish women throughout history. I had finally come home - back to the living waters. I felt a purity and wholeness in fulfilling Hashem’s command. 

I pray that Hashem looks upon this single act, this once-off, as
if the commitment to the mitzvah had been there always.

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