When Moshiach Comes

When Moshiach Comes

“When Moshiach comes, what will be?”
My small son asks, looking up at me.
“Will there be candies on trees so tall,
Lollipops, toffees, chocolates and all?”

“Big red bicycles for girls and boys,
Clowns and games and lots of swell toys?
Long, sunny days to play outside,
Jumping and laughing and running to hide?”

I gaze at his face so eager and bright,
I think of Moshiach when all will be right.
No more pain, good bye to woe,
Peace and prosperity the world will know.

No more ill children, no more fear
A world filled with joy, happiness and cheer.
Farewell to evil, to war and to strife,
All will live together, have a beautiful life.

The world will be bathed in Hashem’s holy light
His glory and greatness – His powerful might.
No longer hidden, revealed openly to all,
His love for His children – both big and small.

The holy Bais Hamikdosh will stand once more
On the wings of eagles His people will soar.
Will there be candies, my darling, I say,
That and so much more will come each day.

So pray for Moshiach will all your heart,
Wait for him daily – that is a start.
Each day brings him closer and ever so near,
We must be ready to greet him each day of the year.

He’s just around the corner, it may be today
He’ll come to tell us – let’s be on our way.
He’ll take each one of us by the hand
He’ll lead every one of us to our own Holy Land.

So dream of your candies and chocolate in trees
I’ll dream of peace and no more skinned knees.
Together we’ll hope and fervently pray,
That Moshiach comes NOW, this minute, TODAY!

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