Where Is Hashem?

Where Is Hashem?

“Where is Hashem?”, my little boy asks, looking up at me.
“He is here in your heart, here in my heart and in everything you see,
He is here, He is there, He is everywhere,” I reply to him with ease.
In the petals of every flower and the leaves of those tall, strong trees.

Open your soul to the sensation, consider it deep in your mind,
Hashem can be found all around us, look and you surely will find,
His presence in all of creation - in everything that meets your eye,
From the tiniest ant below you, to the vast, blue depth of the sky.

Every creature, every living thing, has a spark of Him deep inside,
Every rock and stone, every drop of rain, the homes in which we abide. 
It determines what each creation will be, what task they have in store,
All are part of Him - He creates them; renews them and so much more.

Each smile that falls across your face, each word that passes your lips,
Each step you take on sturdy legs, all you touch with your fingertips.
All that you are and all you will be, contain the essence of His Grace,
Like the air we breathe, but cannot touch, Hashem, is in every place.

Hear my words, my darling son, close your eyes and open your heart,
Feel Hashem in and around you - of your essence, He is the main part.
He created the entire universe, filled it with beauty often hard to discern
It’s our duty to fill it with Torah - for Moshiach we must constantly yearn.

When he does arrive to redeem us, from this Golus so harsh and long,
Hashem’s existence will be revealed, His name will ring loud and strong.
Until that day, both you and I, we know that He is here to be found
Hashem is here, there and everywhere, inside us and all around!

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