Why Mikvah?

Why Mikvah?
Why Mikvah?

Why did the Jews at Masada, besieged by the Romans and with precious, few supplies, build and maintain two Mikvaos?  

Why did our great grandmothers in Eastern Europe break through the ice of the frozen rivers in order to immerse in its waters?  

Why, according to Jewish law, does building a mikvah take precedence over building a house of worship?  

Jews are a holy people because life is holy to us. Mikvah represents the ultimate celebration of life and of the power given by G-d, exclusively to women, to create life. By immersing in the spiritually cleansing waters of the Mikvah, the woman is able to nourish, nurture, experience and renew her sense of intimacy.  

Through Mikvah we admit a third partner – G-d – into our marriages, our homes and our lives, bestowing a blessing on all our loved ones and introducing a dimension of eternity into our relationship. On a practical level, many couples who observe the laws of Mikvah insist that it helps keep their marriage fresh and exciting. The Jewish family, as well as the Jewish people owe their stunning success and their remarkable longevity in large part to this most vital Mitzvah.

Why Mikvah for Today's Jewish Woman?

Mikvah is from the Torah, which is G-d – given. The laws relating to mikvah are eternal; for all ages, under all circumstances of life. Modern women are striving for their right to be recognized in their totality. By abstaining from physical intimacy for a period of time each month, the women experience a new sense of inner strength, self-respect and autonomy. Many couples who observe the laws of Mikvah insist that it helps keep their marriage fresh and exciting. 

Why Use a Mikvah When I Have A Modern Bath At Home

The waters of the mikva have a direct source to natural rainwater, unlike a regular home bathtub. A mikva is built according to Torah law about 200 gallons of water (the water height is about 4 feet). The bath does not fulfil these requirements. The totality of a Jew includes both physical and spiritual dimensions. Immersion in a mikva is NOT for physical cleanliness since one must be perfectly clean before entering the mikva. A special blessing is pronounced before entering the mikva, emphasizing the holy nature of this precept.

Through the mitzva of mikva, the couple spiritually elevates their marriage.

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