Certified Taharas Hamishpacha Instructors
in New York

Please respect local health guidelines for Covid for the protection of both your teacher and yourself.

Every Certified Kallah Teacher has undergone extensive training in Taharas Hamishpacha and related educational components, and has a listed endorsing Rav to whom she refers for halachic issues.

While each teacher has the knowledge to prepare each Kallah for marriage and her wedding, teaching methods and personality styles will vary.

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Certified Instructors in New York

The following instructors have each completed rigorous training and testing via The Taharas Hamishpacha Organization/Mikvah.org Kallah Teacher Training Program. Each is certified to teach the valuable hadrachos and halachos pertaining to the observance of the Laws of Taharas Hamishpacha.

Currently serving the Chabad Neshama Russian Community
Shlucha Seagate, Brooklyn, NY
Shlucha Chabad of Dimas Park
Not available to teach at this time. Currently developing curriculum.
Fluent in Engish, French, Hebrew. Shlucha Chabad of Kingsboro
Currently teaching the not yet observant
Fluent in English and Hebrew. Practicing Registered Nurse. Will also teach virtually via video conference if needed
Will also teach virtually via video conference if needed
Fluent in English and French
Fluent in English, French and Hebrew
Fluent in English and Spanish
Fluent in English and Hebrew.
Fluent in English and Hebrew. Will also teach virtually via video conference if needed
Admin at Mikvah.org and MyMikvahCalendar.org. Will also teach remotely via Zoom if needed. Teaches one on one.
Fluent in Hebrew , Russian and English. BA in Social Science and one year in Master of Social Work. I completed a certified course on marriage and intimacy coaching through school of Torah Psychology.
Teaches groups and one on one. Will also teach via video conferencing if required.
Coordinator of KTT Training and Taharas Hamishpacha lecturer
Fluent in English and Spanish
Primarily serving alumni of Chabad on Campus
Certified trainer of the Nurtured Heart Approach. Will also teach virtually via video conference if needed
Currently serving the Upper East Side community only.
Shlucha Chabad of Nyack
Available to teach local kallahs from the Hudson Valley area and out of town Chabad-on-campus graduates, remotely. Fluent in Hebrew and English
Currently serving local community only
Fluent in English and French. Shlucha in Woodbury, LI, NY. Certified only to teach the not yet observant

Please note that this course of study is best done face to face, in person. If you are unable to schedule a face to face course of study, please contact the teacher in whom you are interested to see what options are available.