Customs of a Wedding: The Whys and Whats According to Chassidic Thought

Please note some brief corrections for this film:

Rayshis Chochma states that the two halves of the neshama (male and female) are separated before they are sent down to be born.

According to Rabbi Laibel Groner a"h, the Rebbe said to him that the Frierdiker Rebbe told the Rebbe that Chosson and Kallah should not be alone for a full week.

When the Rebbe married, the Frierdiker Rebbe said, regarding the aufruf on the Shabbos preceding the wedding, that before building a house, one reads from the blueprints; therefore, the chosson is called to the Torah, our blueprint, before he begins building a binyan adai ad.

The Rebbe said the kallah should say the entire Tehillim the day of the wedding

Lechatchilla, the Tenoim is signed earlier than the Kabolas Ponim. If unable to do it earlier, then it is done at the Kabolas Ponim.

The untying of any knots prior to the Chuppah applies to both Chosson and Kallah (טעמי המנהגים ,נטעי  גבריאל ,שלחן העזר ועוד)

Many Poskim hold that a Chosson and Kallah require Shmirah after the Chassunah. 

Regarding the question brought up at the end about Sheva Brochos during this time specifically (of Covid-19):
A minyan should be present at the seudah of the wedding and for the Sheva Brachos following the seudah of the wedding

Regarding the chiyuv (obligation) to have Sheva Brachos. The poskim say that one should make an effort to have Sheva Brachos. The current situation is one that is extenuating circumstances, but this does not apply to normal circumstances.

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