Guidance and Support for Pregnancy Loss

This class is dedicated
 לע"נ שלום דובר בן אברהם הלוי פאפאק , נפטר כ"ז אייר תשע"ט 

Rabbinic notes for this presentation:

To clarify: A husband and wife may not hold the baby together or pass the baby to each other when the woman is post birth/niddah. This, as well as all harchakos, applies for a loss as well.

It is not against halacha to hold a stillborn post birth, but it should be noted that according to the view of HaRav Ushpol, ז"ל, head of the Chabad Chevra Kadisha for many years; it is not advisable, and in his experience, can cause more long term grief than healing. For individual guidance for this matter, please consult with your own Rabbinic authority proficient in these sensitive matters. 

Regarding naming or burial of a stillborn, halachic opinions vary. Therefore, please consult with your local Chevra Kadisha and Rav.  If your local town does not have its own Chevra Kadisha, consult with the one in Crown Heights or other large Jewish community.

Please note: To reach ATIME/HUG you may contact the hotline at 718-686-8912 ext 113 or Mrs. Chumi Friedman at 347-986-6443 To reach "With Love", the Crown Heights based initiative to offer a meal train and support package for women experiencing a pregnancy loss, please email or what's app 347-389-4656. The package includes many local contributions to lift the spirits, including the book "The Child I Never Knew" sponsored by The book may also be purchased here:

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