Six Week Taharas Hamishpacha Review Series 5772

Click here to view and print the outline mentioned in this class.

There are differences of halachic opinion regarding the use of black liners and black undergarments. Please consult your rav on how to proceed.

View the letter regarding sonograms and having the father in the delivery as discussed in this video

Please note that there is a difference of halachic opinion regarding the use of the black panty liners mentions in this review. Please consult your rav prior to use

Chabad tradition from the Rebbe Rashab, and from our Rebbe, is to cut the hair to a length of between half a tefach to one tefach long (two to four fingers).

If you need specific guidelines to the timing of chafifah step by step, please click here to view a list approved by Rabbi Sholom B. Chaikin.

To educate medical staff about labor and childbirth for the observant couple please click here and here.

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