New Mikvah for Key West

A grand opening event marked the completion of the newly-built, beautiful Mikvah in Key West, Florida, last Sunday.

The state-of-the-art Mikvah Yechiel Michel was built by Shluchim Rabbi Yaakov and Chanie Zucker with the help of Mikvah USA, and the family of Yechiel Michel obm, and other donors including Keren Meromim.

It was an inspiring event which included the donors, city officials, and over 100 people from the Keys community, New York and the Miami area, including special guest, Shliach Rabbi Yossi Biston.

All who were in attendance were impressed with the beauty of the new Mikvah, which was designed and decorated by Mrs. Riva Denburg.

The Mikvah is being used by over 20 women a month, including locals and tourists.

Special thanks were also given to Rabbi Meir and Shaindy Gutnickwho helped with the building of the original Key West Mikvah.

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