New State of the Art Mikvah for Moscow

At an impressive, well-attended ceremony, the Chabad House of Zhukovka opened its doors to a new, modern, mikva, which combines the best in terms of Halacha, as well as beauty.

The event began with Rabbi Alexander Boroda putting up the mezuza in the large, beautiful foyer leading to the mikva.

The event was graced by the presence of Chief Rabbi of Russia, Rabbi Berl Lazar who stands at the helm of more than 30 Chabad Houses spread throughout the city of Moscow.

Also in attendance was the sponsor, Mr. Oleg Soloshensky and his family, many friends, community members and shluchim.

After touring the stunning mikva, everyone was invited upstairs for mincha in the main shul, followed by a seudas mitzva in honor of this special mitzva, celebrating the purity of the Jewish People.

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