Gedaliah Society, last updated 3/31/2020


Different communities are at different stages of the outbreak, and therefore a general guideline for women's mikvah may not be applicable to our community. 


For our local Crown Heights community:


The following are considered symptoms of COVID:

●      Fever

●      Cough

●      Shortness of breath

●      Sore threat

●      New muscle aches (not explained by anything else)

●      New profound weakness (not explained by anything else)

●      Loss of smell/taste

●      Diarrhea (new)

If you have any of these symptoms, you cannot go to Mikvah.


If you are recovering from these symptoms, the current guidelines are that you must be FREE of symptoms for over 72 hours (and over 7 days from onset of symptoms) before you can go to Mikvah. If you are outside of this 7 day/72 hour window except for persistent loss of smell/taste or mild lingering cough, you can go to Mikvah but should wear a mask. 


If you are well according to the above, but are exposed to someone who is ill, you may go to Mikvah. 


If based on the above guidelines you cannot go to Mikvah and have questions how to proceed, please call your Rov. If there are any further questions, please call the Gedaliah Society hotline 212-901-2000 (you can stay anonymous).


For all those that may go to mikvah, all prep must be done at home. 


The above applies to those women seeking to go to Mikvah. Procedural guidelines for the mikvaos themselves should continue to be followed.  

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