Over 130 Communities Unite in the Mikvah for Eretz Yisrael Initiative!

Over 130 Communities Unite in the Mikvah for Eretz Yisrael Initiative!

Over 130 Communities Unite in the Mikvah for Eretz Yisrael Initiative!

As we wrap up our Mikvah for Eretz Yisrael Initiative, Mikvah.org and Mikvah USA are thrilled to announce that Baruch Hashem there are over 130 communities participating!

In light of recent events in Eretz Yisrael, Mikvah.org and Mikvah USA have joined forces to support and engage women in the sacred Mitzvah of Mikvah. Communities worldwide have seized the opportunity to host mikvah events for the women in their communities. Through our initiative, we offered communities the choice of receiving a beautiful Mikvah curriculum and gift packages for gatherings of up to 20 attendees, or the option to co-sponsor a speaker for larger-scale events.

The response from communities across the globe has been inspiring, as they unite with a shared mission of raising awareness about this mitzvah. Here's a glimpse of some feedback we've received directly from these communities:

'Hi. We just had the lecture on Taharah Hamishpacha . It was incredible!' - Mrs. L, Brooklyn, NY

'The event had a beautiful turn out and the women were very inspired from the talk about Mikvah BH. Thank you!'Mrs. C, Ontario Canada

'Thank you for this amazing opportunity and also for thinking of every detail…down to the weight! So grateful' -  Mrs. L, Gothenburg Sweden 

'Thank you for offering this grant! I am very excited to be able to share this with my community!' -  Mrs. V, Houston TX

'We are so grateful for this wonderful initiative. We will be having 20 attendees and hopefully anticipate many more of these evenings in the future.' - Mrs. K, Sandton, South Africa

'That was really wonderful! I stayed all the way into the end. Thank you for putting this together. I really loved it!' - Anonymous, Boca Raton, Florida

'This class was phenomenal, there was a diverse crowd yet she managed to capture the attention of everyone and leave us all with much to think about. Mrs. C gave us a new meaning of what Mikveh is all about. Thank you for allowing us to have this opportunity, she left us feeling thirsty for more and even followed up with some ladies after the class!' - Anonymous, Hollywood Florida

'The audience were fascinated and the response from the women was very positive. They spoke with the speaker on receiving more material and hearing more classes!' - Anonymous, Hollywood, Florida

'I want to thank Mikvah.org for this incredible program you have offered with Mikvah USA during Adar. As a My Gift of Mikvah speaker, I have absolutely loved this opportunity of working with both of your organizations and I hope this partnership continues! So thank you for all you have done to help bring me to these communities and to spread the importance of mikvah in my talks.' - Mrs. C, Danby, Vermont

'Thanks so much for coming and inspiring our women! I have great feedback and they really enjoyed your talk...So appreciate you coming to our community, we have already got 2 women interested to go soon to the mikvah!' -  Anonymous, Pinellas County, Florida

Thank you to all who have participated and supported this endeavor. Together, through the transformative impact of spreading Mikvah awareness, we have the power to bring the ultimate redemption with the coming of Mashiach now!

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