New Mikvah Dedicated in Georgetown

Rabbi Avraham and Shulamis Holtzberg, the dynamic leaders of Chabad of Georgetown, welcomed guests from near and far to a spectacular Gala Dinner event celebrating the completion of their exquisite new mikvah. The evening, emceed by the esteemed Rabbi Mendel Duchman, was a testament to community spirit, resilience, and the power of faith.

The gala, held at event hall Ohel David and Shlomo, showcased a vibrant program highlighting the significance of the newly constructed mikvah in the community. Charlene Aminoff, a distinguished guest, captivated attendees with her inspiring story, emphasizing the profound impact of the mikvah on personal growth and spiritual renewal.

Cantor Shlomie Rabin graced the stage with his soulful melodies, filling the room with uplifting tunes in support of Israel. His performance resonated deeply with the audience, fostering a sense of unity and solidarity.

Adding a touch of mystique to the evening, mentalist Alex Voz dazzled guests with his mind-bending illusions and captivating feats of mentalism. His awe-inspiring performance left attendees spellbound, sparking conversations long into the night.

Amidst the entertainment and heartfelt speeches, guests indulged in a culinary delight, savoring the delectable catered food meticulously prepared for the occasion.

The Gala Dinner event served as a tribute to the vision and dedication of Rabbi Avraham and Shulamis Holtzberg, whose unwavering commitment to the community culminated in the realization of the magnificent new mikvah. Their leadership and tireless efforts have enriched the lives of countless individuals, fostering a sense of belonging and spiritual fulfillment within the Georgetown community.

In addition to the gala, the community of Chabad of Georgetown came together in joyous celebration during the ribbon-cutting ceremony a few days later in front of the new Mikvah for the grand opening of Mikvah Mei Menucha.

The naming of the newly opened Mikvah Mei Menucha was dedicated by Yaron and Sary Pinson and the extended Pinson family, in loving memory of their Grandmother Mrs. Menucha Vita Pinson, whose legacy continues to inspire and uplift them.

The ribbon-cutting and unveiling ceremony witnessed a remarkable turnout, with a very large crowd gathering to participate in this momentous occasion. Community members, leaders, and guests alike joined in expressing their gratitude and excitement for this valuable addition to Chabad of Georgetown.

Rabbi and Rebbitzen Holtzberg, along with community leaders Rabbi Perlson, Rabbi Plutchok, Rabbi Y. Levy and Rabbi Yitzi Bogomilsky of the Pinson family, Shliach in Maplewood, NJ, shared heartfelt words about the significance of Mikvah Mei Menucha and the enduring impact of Mrs. Menucha Vita Pinson’s life and contributions. The mikvah represents not only a place of ritual purity but also a symbol of unity, strength, and spiritual connection within the community.

As the doors of Mikvah Mei Menucha opened to welcome visitors, they were taken aback by the tasteful design of the state-of-the art Mikvah. It was clear that an unbelievable amount of careful thought and work was put into every detail by interior designers Elizabeth Aminov of Em Interiors and Maggie Rogatsky to ensure the most relaxing and inspiring experience for every woman completing this holy Mitzvah.
A sense of reverence and celebration filled the air, signifying a new chapter of spiritual growth and communal togetherness for Chabad of Georgetown.

Rivky Holtzberg’s exceptional hard work and unwavering dedication to the Chabad of Georgetown mikvah Project have been invaluable, shaping its success and impact. Her relentless efforts and passion have left an everlasting mark on our community’s spiritual growth and well-being.

The grand opening of Mikvah Mei Menucha was not just a ceremonial event but a meaningful milestone that embodies the values of remembrance, generosity, and community spirit that are integral to the Chabad of Georgetown family.

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