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Keren Vardi Currently lives in Jerusalem, Israel. Keren works as a medical technician doing ultrasounds in Hadassah Hospital, Jerusalem. Keren trained as a Kallah Teacher at both Nishmat and the Bais Rivkah Kfar Chabad Kallah Teacher Training Course - a two year program held in Jerusalem that Keren organized and managed, under the Halachic instruction of Rav Yekusiel Farkash.

Keren has been teaching Kallahs for the past seven years, combining Halacha and Hashkafa. She undertook this holy work out of a personal love for the mitzvah of Taharas Hamishpacha. Once Keren has taught a Kallah, she gives them what she calls a "Lifetime Warranty", making herself available to the Kallah after the wedding for as long, or as much, needed. Courses are given in English, Hebrew or French during evening hours (Jerusalem time).

Mrs. Vardi consults with Rabbi Yekusiel Farkash
Perel Currently living in Brooklyn, New York, Perel took her Kallah Teaching training under Taharas Hamishpacha International where she continues to work full time.

She has been a devoted Kallah Teacher for the past eight years and is fluent in English, Hebrew and Italian.

Mrs. Namdar consults with Rabbi Sholom Ber Chaikin
Esther currently lives in Overland Park, Kansas, where she is Co-Director together with her husband, Rabbi BenZion Friedman, of the Chabad Lubavitch Torah Learning Center and is Director of the Jewish Women's Institute in Overland Park. Esther has been teaching and guiding women and couples in this Taharas Hamishpacha for the past 30 years. She is the go-to person for personal questions and Halachic understanding of this vital Mitzvah.

Esther is also a Temperament Certified Professional, specializing in self-improvement, parenting and relationship issues, utilizing Temperament Theory, which describes four organizing patterns of personality type. With her in-depth knowledge of Torah, Kabalah and Temperament Theory, Rebbetzin Friedman has counseled and helped countless people in all walks of life. Esther brings this wonderful experience and knowledge to her role as Kallah Teacher.
Born in Caracas, Venezuela, was raised in Miami, Florida and currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona where she serves as rebbetzin of Congregation Beth Tefillah.

Esther is a popular teacher on the role of the Jewish Woman in today's world, teaching the relevance and richness of Jewish tradition, mysticism and social analysis, leading classes for diverse groups and individuals on a wide variety of topics.

Mother of seven, Esther is an experienced Kallah teacher, offering classes in English, Spanish, Hebrew and French.

Mrs. Allouche consults with Rabbi Yekusiel Farkash
Rivky Chaikin (nee Bacher) was born and schooled in Johannesburg, South Africa and continued her education at Beis Rivka Seminary in New York.

In 1985 she married Yossi Chaikin. They spent 12 years on Shlichus in Cape Town. The last 12 years they have lived in Johannesburg where she is the Rebbetzin of the Oxford Shul, teaches at the Torah Academy Girls' High School, and gives various shiurim in the community.

Rivky especially loves to learn with Kallos. Her favourite title is that of wife, mother and grandmother.

Mrs. Chaikin consults with Rabbi Yossi Chaikin and Rabbi Sholom Ber Groner
Rebbetzin Racy Jurkowicz lives in Lod, Israel where her husband, Rabbi Baruch Boaz, is the rav of the Chabad community.

Rebbetzin Jurkowicz has been teaching kallahs for over twenty years, beginning years ago as a newlywed in Morristown, New Jersey, where she became involved in the sacred mitzvah of Taharat Hamishpacha. Her classes are known for their clarity, and her special way of imparting complicated subject matter, makes every kallah feel special to included in this sacred mitzvah.

Currently, she both teaches kallahs and offers refresher courses on the Jewish Home three times a week for different communities in Israel. Classes may be given in English or Hebrew.

Mrs. Jurkowicz consults with Rabbi Baruch Boaz Jurkowicz
Malkie Rivkin lives in New Orleans since arriving in 1998, as a young wife and mother to be a Shlucha (emissary) of The Lubavitcher Rebbe. She brings her enthusiastic creativity to many programs of Chabad as assistant to her husband, Rabbi Mendel Rivkin, at Chabad Uptown.

Malkie is a volunteer attendant at Mikvah Chaya Mushka New Orleans. She gives tours of the mikvah and overview talks on Jewish marriage. Malkie teaches in-depth classes on Jewish marriage laws (Taharas Hamishpacha) to brides and married woman alike, both individually and in group settings.

Malkie is a teacher at Torah Academy Day School in Metairie, LA. She also gives women�s classes in addition to being hostess for many local programs such as Young Professionals and New Orleans Newcomers.

Malkie is blessed to be a mother of a large family and enjoys that role immensely.

Mrs. Rivkin consults with Rabbi Mendel Lipsker
Chanie Currently lives in Brighton Beach, New York, where she and her husband are the Rav and Rebbetzin of Young Israel of Brighton Beach and acting Shluchim for Kingsboro College. Chanie was raised in Toulouse, France, where her parents, the Matusof family, have been Shluchim for many years. She received her own training, not only from Taharas Hamishpacha International's Bayis Yehudi Training Program, but also learned directly from her mother who has been teaching kallahs for over 40 years.

Chanie teaches high school seniors the basics of Taharas Hamishpacha halacha and hashkafa and maintains contact with these girls as they grow to be kallahs themselves.

Chanie is experienced in teaching kallahs from all walks of life and all levels of observance. She builds a warm relationship with her kallahs that allows them to keep in touch with her for as long, and as often, as they feel necessary.

Classes may be given in English, French and Hebrew, languages in which she is completely fluent and comfortable.

Chanie consults with Rabbi Sholom Ber Chaikin
Currently living as shluchim in Brunoy, France, Sheina comes from a long line of esteemed Kallah teachers. Her grandmother, the esteemed Rebbetzin Esther Alpern, a"h, and her mother Mrs. Chana Slonim, both of Brazil.

After spending years as a high school Halacha teacher, Sheina trained under the renowned Mrs. Shulamis Pape of Crown Heights.

Sheina is fluent in English, Portuguese, Hebrew, and Yiddish.


Please note that this course of study is best done face to face, in person. The options offered here are for those who are not in the vicinity where live face to face study is possible.

This course is a full session of one-on-one Kallah classes done through video conferencing tools like Skype or Facetime. This course covers the necessary halacha and hadracha course of study, of Taharas Hamishpacha, that is required before marriage.

The (non-refundable) registration fee for this course is $50. Payment for the course will be determined by the individual teacher and will payable directly to her.

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