Deluxe Eco Compact Mikvah Kit

Deluxe Eco Compact Mikvah Kit
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Treat your kallah and new mikvah clients to our Deluxe Eco Compact Mikvah Kit filled with a new line of spa quality products designed to enhance their first mikvah experience.
An amazing combination of everything you might possibly need is contained in one compact, see-thru package, ready to use. Clean, neat and complete!  
Contains:Eco Lemongrass shampoo,Eco Lemongrass bath and shower gel,Green Leaf Glycerine soap, personal loofah, nail polish remover, makeup remover, toothbrush, hair comb, Colgate toothpaste, Glide floss, disposable personal shaver, nail clippers, nail brush, Bedikah Cloths in black velvet pouch, brand new personal pocket-sized  Mikvah checklist, The Power of Mikvah brochure and more!

Bulk discount! 50 pieces or more @ only $9.95 each.
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