Holy Intimacy The Heart and Soul of Jewish Marriage

Holy Intimacy The Heart and Soul of Jewish Marriage
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By: Sara Morozow and Rivka Slonim
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No more whispering behind closed doors!

Intimacy is vital to authentic marital relationships and profoundly affects each of us in deep and meaningful ways.
Bringing this ever important subject to the forefront of Jewish conversation, Morozow and Slonim beckon the reader to join them in an exploration of the spiritual side to intimacy.

Expertly weaving together Torah, halacha, chassidut, and psychology, they imbue the conversation with inspirational insights and practical advice.

With an empathetic emphasis on contemporary issues - from the effect of social media on a couple's intimacy to the dangers of pornography and other forms of objectification of women's bodies, from the importance of female sexual pleasure to scientific breakthroughs regarding fertility -  this groundbreaking book is vital and inspirational reading for women of all ages, levels of observance, and Jewish backgrounds.

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