Identity Webinar Fall Replay A

Identity Webinar Fall Replay A

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"SheAsani KirTzono"
Understanding the Healthy Development and Expression of our Student's Identity

A sensitive and open conversation with Rabbi Shlomo Goldfarb, Rav; Mrs. Dena Gorkin, Noted Principal, Yudit Naparstak, PsyD, and Adina Partzovski, LCSW, & Rabbi Shais Taub

Special Opportunity for Mechanchos and Kallah Educators to hear a REPLAY of our Iyar Webinar on Identity for Teens.

This replay has been scheduled for Mechanchos who were unable to participate in our live presentation. This replay opportunity is arranged for you to be able to participate in this opening conversation.

Please note that listening to Part 1 is mandatory for eligibility in participating in an upcoming replay of part 2.

There will NOT be any recordings made available.  Please ensure you are available to listen LIVE to this ZOOM-based replay.

Registration CLOSES Wednesday November 1st

Sunday, 21st of Cheshvan 5784 - November 5th 2023
10 AM - 3PM EST

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