My Spiritual Journey

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By: Hecht
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My Spiritual Journey is an autobiography written by Rabbi Dr. Abraham B. Hecht, z"l, a third generation American, born into a religious family rich in traditions and Chassidic customs.

His 50 years of rabbinical leadership begins in Brooklyn, New York. His religious journeys span Europe, Israel, Australia, England and Switzerland as well as almost every place you may find Jews. This book gives a small glimpse of a very exciting and responsible religious journey. It is a testimony of change, faith and true leadership.

Known as a Rabbis Rabbi and a scholar of Torah, he also served as President of the Rabbinical Alliance of America Igud HaRabanim, the national rabbinic organization founded in 1942 with 800 members.

Rabbi Hecht, z"l, was appointed as the Rabbi of Congregation Shaare Zion on Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn, the largest Sephardic shul in North America, comprising more than 3500 families. He served there for more than 50 years


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