Partners With Hashem Two Volume Set (Hardcover)

Partners With Hashem Two Volume Set (Hardcover)
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Partners With Hashem by Dr. Meir Wikler. Are you a parent, a "partner with Hashem" in raising His children and yours?" If so, are you over-stressed, under-appreciated, boxed in, burned out, overwhelmed? Good chance! Aren't we all, sometimes? For over 25 years, parents, children, and educators have been helped and guided by Dr. Meir Wikler, one of the Orthodox community's leading therapists and family counselors.
The author is sensitive to the fears of parents, the insecurities of children, and the problems and possibilities of rebbes and teachers. His asessments are based on reality and his solutions are founded on the art of the possible. This book is packed with practical wisdom. Raising children and keeping a family on an even keel are always exciting, Partners With Hashem will make them more successful.
Partners With Hashem II, by Dr. Meir Wikler. This timely work is a continuation of the finely-tuned and down-to-earth advice Dr. Meir Wikler gave to thousands of Torah-observant families in Partners With Hashem I. In a chronologically arranged layout, Dr. Wikler provides an escorted tour through common challenges parents and children face through preschool, elementary, and high school years and beyond. Hardcover.
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