Ten Minutes A Day to A Better Marriage

Ten Minutes A Day to A Better Marriage
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Ten Minutes A Day to A Better Marriage by Dr. Meir Wikler, a marriage counselor with over thirty years experience helping Jewish couples achieve more harmonious marriages. Dr. Wikler is deeply sensitive to the stresses that invade even the best of marriages. The truth is that every marriage could stand improvement: every couple wants to make the most of their years together, to set a good example for their children, to resolve conflicts and keep them resolved. Based on true case histories, Dr. Wikler reveals his proven method of achieving these goals through better communication. The beauty of his system is that it takes just ten minutes a day, yet the results are powerful enough to transform your life. Dr. Wikler's instructions are clear, his insights remarkable. At last, you will recognize the patterns that have formed over time in your marriage - and you will learn to capitalize on its strengths while rectifying its weaknesses. Thousands of people like you have benefited from Dr. Wikler's expertise. Hardcover
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