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Mikvah.org/Taharas Hamishpacha International presents their phenomenal new film titled "What Is Mikvah?". Fabulous footage and a clear, concise, rabbinically approved, script present the What, When, Who, How, Where and Why of Mikvah today.

Learn from the experts in the field of Taharas Hamishpacha as you are taken on a beautiful journey to explore the many facets of Mikvah observance from the convenience of your own home.With subtitles in seven languages, there is no excuse to deny yourself or your community the knowledge thisfilm presents. Touching on very personal and private issues with delicacy and finesse, this film is a must for anyone who wants to know what Mikvah means and what its practice is all about.

Available for viewing in English on mikvah.org, this film is now for sale in DVD format with subtitles in English, Hebrew, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. Buy one today for yourself or for someone you care about!



Some rave reviews:

A wonderful, professionally produce film I can proudly show it to anyone in our community!...

Chanie Y.
Brooklyn, New York

What a great tool for broaching the concept of mikvah to our communityÂ…

Meir S.


This film made my job of teaching mikvah to a young woman and her husband so much more enjoyable and easyÂ…

Miriam B.

Sydney, Australia

Â…you touched upon delicate subjects with grace and refinement, thank you!

Yisroel M.

Montreal, Canada

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