Identity Webinar for Educators

Identity Webinar for Educators

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"SheAsani KirTzono"
Understanding the Healthy Development and Expression of our Student's Identity

A sensitive and open conversation with Rabbi Shlomo Goldfarb, Rav; Mrs. Dena Gorkin, Noted Principal, Yudit Naparstak, PsyD, and Adina Partzovski, LCSW, & Rabbi Shais Taub

Exclusively for Mechanchos & Kallah Educators

Tuesday, 25 Iyar - May 16, 5783 Shnas Hakhel
11 - 4 Eastern Time

Registration CLOSES Thursday, 20 Iyar, May 12.

LIVE Attendance Only - No recordings will be available.

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$50 per person, closed zoom links will be provided on Monday before the event only to the emails associated with purchase.